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“Interconnected Spaces: Image, Technology & Emerging Subjectivities”

Paula Andrea Acosta, Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano

Tuesday, November 14th // 7:00pm Vestíbulo del Cubo, CECUT

This conversation with M. Paula Acosta deals with how Social Art Network projects demystify the image configured by standardized artistic experiences and enable processes of interaction or collective creation. The discourse in relation to the body, the photographic archive and the practices of circulation are fields of this discussion.



“Collective Session of Visual Cartography and Oral History”

Wednesday, November 15th // 4:00-7:00pm Museo de Historia Tijuana

Within the framework of MUHTI’s activities around the History of the Image, which accompanies the exhibition dedicated to the work of American photographer, Harry Crosby, in this session we invite you to come to the Museum with an original photograph from your family album, preferably taken in the city of Tijuana in the 60s and 70s. We will have several activation spaces for collective dialogues under the methodologies of visual cartography and oral history.



“Point/ Counterpoint: Contemporary Mexican Photography”
Thursday, November 16th // 3:00pm Museum of Photographic Arts / Balboa Park

Join us in this binational dialogue for a guided tour, with members of the MOPA team, through this important exhibition that presents the work of 19 Mexican photographers “whose images explore the political, economic and social changes of a country tied to its past, but in search of a new future”


“Politics + Examining the Border”

Thursday, November 16th  // 18:30 h Museum of Photographic Arts / Balboa Park
Within the framework of the cycle of activities that accompany the exhibition “Point / Counterpoint: Contemporary Mexican Photography” we invite you to join us in this discussion in which we propose a day of activation of binational dialogues between Tijuana and San Diego.

The Museum of Photographic Arts is a center for visual learning. It is located in Balboa Park, San Diego and is one of the three independent photography museums in the United States. Its mission is to inspire, educate and approach the widest possible public through the presentation, collection, and preservation of photographs, films, and videos.



“What About Paradise? Displacement and the Mili-tourist Image in Hawai’i and Beyond”
Jueves 16 Noviembre // 19:00 h GRRIC Contemporary / University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Palm trees, ocean breezes, servile women – the image of “Paradise” can be plastered convincingly over any geographic location, from the Pacific to Latin American, the Caribbean and beyond. Join artist/educator Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt, and academic Christina Ayson, in a discussion of artists who explore the effects of constructed images of Paradise – displacement, gender inequality, and a Militourist economy based on the exploitation of native peoples and land.

A recording of this activity will be permanently available on our webpage



“Imaginaries of Dissidence”
In Collaboration with Tijuana Zine Fest
Friday, November 17th // 4:00-7:00pm @ Enclave Caracol

We will prepare this space for horizontal dialogue on the visual production carried out by different artists and collectives. This activity, open to all audiences, will be an exhibition and exchange of ideas, photos, fanzines, photobooks, projects and initiatives that explore different formats, techniques and narratives. Come share with us, make your own photozine and stay for the free screening we will have of the documentary “Everybody Street” made in 2013 by Cheryl Dunn.

confirmed participants:
“TRAVESIAS” by Sophie Montoya
“Jeaneteete” by Jeanete Jackson
“ARCHIVA” by Lavanda Clit
“Lxs hijxs del maíz” by Lualicia Cázares
Sean Maung
+ more to be announced

+ zine workshop table by Las Fotos Project!!!



Gender, Technology, Violence and Border
Participants: Julio Orozco, Guillermo Arias, Laura Fiorio, Mauricio Muñoz
Moderator: Jhonnatan Curiel
Saturday, November 18th // 3:00-6:00pm in  Sala de Cine Tonalá

The session will be dedicated to the presentation of projects in the voice of local, national and international authors, who from visual, theoretical, experimental and sensitive production, work with themes related to gender, technology, violence, and border.



“Gender, technology, violence and border”
Participants: Ana Andrade, Andrew Roberts, Claudia Moca
Moderator: Andrea González
Sunday, November 19 // 2:00-5:00pm in Sala de Cine Tonalá 

The session will be dedicated to the presentation of projects in the voice of local, national and international authors, who from visual, theoretical, experimental and sensitive production, work with themes related to gender, technology, violence, and border.



“Fotografía: Frames and Ruptures of a History”
Presented by: Mariel Miranda
Saturday, November 25 // 1:00-3:00pm in Sala de Cine Tonalá Tijuana
Las Fotos Project invites you to the workshop “Fotografía: Frames and Ruptures of a History” given by Mariel Miranda. In this workshop, through the revision of works by international and national photographers, we will reflect upon and trace the rupture relations that different photographic practices have historically woven, responding to their political, technological and theoretical production contexts.

This workshop is part of the Festival Internacional de Fotografía Tijuana #FiFT2017, it is free and of limited capacity. It lasts approximately two hours and will be given at Cine Tonalá in downtown Tijuana.

As a visual artist, Mariel Miranda has developed different research projects focused on themes related to the social uses of photography in its relationship with time, space and memory. Her visual essays have been published in national and international publications as part of interdisciplinary collaborations that she has established with research registered within the area of Cultural Studies, carried out in Mexico and the United States. She is the co-director and founder of the Festival Internacional de Fotografía Tijuana, FiFT. She is currently studying in the Contemporary Photography Program in the city of Tijuana and is a teacher at the State Center for the Arts of the Permanent Photography Program. (CEART)

Las Fotos Project is a free, non-profit program that offers photography classes to girls aged 12 to 18 in Los Angeles and Tijuana. The program provides critical thinking, visual communication and media literacy through a series of personal development activities. Our mentors are artists, photographers and photojournalists from the community. They are dedicated to the education and personal development of young girls, the group most marginalized by violence in our countries.