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We’re currently preparing for the 2017 Edition of FiFT…

The Festival Internacional de Fotografia Tijuana FiFT is a platform to think about the image, its diverse circulation and channels of exhibition.

In its first edition, the objective of the festival was to develop, from the concept of Collections, a space for dialogue that would aid in the dissemination of the vast artistic and academic efforts that have incorporated archival recuperation and the fortification of memory as resources or axes of analysis.

We thank the valuable support of the 27 volunteers that assisted in the management of all the planned activities, to our 32 invited guests for accepting to participate in the construction of discussions around photography, the city and memory. To our 38 sponsors that agreed to exchange their services to support this festival and benefit our entire community.

FiFT firmly believe in the importance of reflection around the image and its new means of production and distribution. It is a necessity to be critical and conscious when we stand in front of the new production paradigm in photography, one which hyper-visualizes our everyday life.

Generating self-sufficient cultural, critical and reflective projects as a response to the multiple crisis that the country faces is our political ground. We recognize the effort and value of all the people who have spearheaded, for years now, initiatives that work bridging the areas of education, the arts and culture.