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Interview with Michael Itkoff of Daylight Books

Interview with Michael Itkoff of Daylight Books


Where did you and Taj (Forer, cofounder) meet and where did the idea for Daylight come from?

Taj and I met as students in photo class with Joel Sternfeld at Sarah Lawrence College back around 2000. We were both interested in exploring photography publishing and there seemed to be a growing but unanswered interest in work that focused on the space between fine-art and documentary. After some brainstorming and initial fundraising efforts we founded a non-profit and began publishing Daylight Magazine which later evolved into our book and digital publishing programs…

Can you describe the process of receiving submissions and selection of the projects you decide to publish?

We look at work all the time but the Daylight Photo Awards is the best way to get work in front of us. Keep an eye out for the next submission period beginning March 2016

What are you guys reading right now — with or without pictures?

Im currently checking out the Sally Mann memoir and trying to keep up with my New Yorker, Harpers and Wired subscriptions.Taj is reading Virus.

What’s playing on the office stereo?

Usually a frothy mix of contemporary indy, electronic and vintage afropop

Do you take photographs — what kind?

I certainly do although these days I work with animated video loops. Check out

When you get sick of looking at and editing pictures, how do you reset your eyes?

A walk in the woods is my daily de-stressor.